Commitment with the future

Towards a more sustainable world

We are committed to the energy transition, providing solutions that go through investment in Biofuels and Renewable Energies and applying a complete Sustainability Policy that is integrated into all the Group's activities.

Our goals

Satisfy the growing supply of sustainable energy products, contributing to growth and sustainable development, to meet present needs without compromising future needs.
Promote long-term value creation, maximizing positive impacts and minimizing negative impacts on society and the environment, through ethical and transparent behavior.
Contribute to the energy transition, transforming the consumption pattern, with the aim of achieving a post-carbon energy model, which allows reducing the Carbon Footprint in the mobility of people and goods.

Inovative projects and solutions that positively impact people and their habitat.

More Sustainable

Green Hydrogen arrives in good port

Discover our energy efficiency solution applied to our Malaga and Cartagena Terminals with the generation of Green Hydrogen from renewable sources.

Sustainable Development Goals

Buran Energy is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specifically in relation to the fight against climate change, quality employment, diversity, innovation and the generation of alliances that make possible the achievement of current challenges.

Gender equality

Develop plans that promote gender equality, diversity and the inclusion of disadvantaged populations.

Affordable and clean energy

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in operations and ensure the ability to supply lighter fuels, organic products and raw materials in a safe, efficient and accessible manner.

Decent work and economic growth

Generate quality employment and manage social, environmental and governance risks and opportunities to maximise future financial performance.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Create value through technological, disruptive, ambitious, efficient, transcendent, practical and scalable innovation, with a high content of R&D.

Sustainable cities and communities

Promote corporate social responsibility and respond transparently to stakeholders, through economic, environmental and social performance indicators.

Acción por el clima

Reduce the use of energy and water in infrastructures, reducing the generation of waste and promoting the use of renewable energies and green H2.

Partnerships to achieve the objectives

Develop and consolidate business models by generating value-added alliances, which also disseminate the culture of sustainability at a national and international level.


Buran Energy commitments for a more sustainable world


We calculate our carbon footprint

At Buran Energy we are aware of the impact of our business on the environment. For this reason, we calculate our carbon footprint to implement measures that help reduce and compensate it.




Calculation of the Corporate Carbon Footprint in 2020. Expressed in tons of CO2 equivalent for direct emissions (scope 1), indirect emissions (scope 2) and indirect emissions as a consequence of the activity (scope 3) greenhouse gas (GHG).