Solvency, innovation, commitment and efficiency

The experience and passion of the best team

The trajectory of our human team translates into the strength of the group that we are today and allows us to lead the future towards the energy transition with all the guarantees thanks to the commitment of all.


José Santos
President-CEO Buran Energy

José Santos García

In his extensive professional experience he has held various positions related to Business Law.
MBA from the San Telmo International Institute of Seville in Business Administration and Management.
david amor
Director of Human Resources, Buran Energy

David Amor

His experience covers various professional sectors, including telecommunications, services and industry. He began his professional career in personnel management at the Zener Group, and Azz Hoteles gave him the opportunity to develop the first project for the implementation of integrated human resource management.
Sergio Seijas
Chief Financial Officer, Buran Energy

Sergio Seijas

Responsible for the Administration Department in all its areas and for the financial positioning of the Group with various banking and non-banking credit institutions.
Concha García
Compliance Officer, Buran Energy

Concha García

Responsible for the implementation process of the organisation’s Compliance System. With extensive experience in business administration and management, she joined Buran Energy in 2017.
Juan Egaña
Director of Operations and Logistics, Buran Operadora

Juan Mª de Egaña

With a long career in marketing and sales management, he has held senior positions in Chevrolet, Auto RentIberia, Hyundai Motor Spain and MGO.
Agustín Silva
Director of Operations, Buran Infraestructuras

Agustín Silva

He began his career at Forestal del Atlántico and at Maxam, from where he coordinated the market in Central Asia and North Africa, and later managed the market in Bolivia. He then joined Vopak, where he took over the management of Algeciras and Panama. After eleven years with the company, he made the jump to Malta with Reganosa, until he joined Buran in February 2020.
José_Luis Sobrino
Pricing and Purchasing Manager Buran Red

José Luis Sobrino

He is currently responsible for the design and monitoring of the pricing strategy, preparation of procedure manuals, preparation and presentation of follow-up reports to the management, control and management of stocks and analysis of purchases and sales of Buran Red, has extensive experience in the distribution and energy sectors in Mercadona, Gomez Group Metering, PetroCorner and BP.
Alejandro García
Managing Director Buran Habitat

Alejandro García

Managing the Buran Habitat projects specifically those connected to renewable hydrogen. He has more than 25 years of international experience in the field of sustainability, during which he has directed various projects related to renewable energies, energy efficiency or waste management, in particular.
Sales Director Buran Operadora

Alberto Martínez

His professional career has been linked to the hydrocarbons sector, starting at Saroil, and then at Saras after the merger with Continental Oil, where he consolidated his experience of over 12 years, subsequently working for companies such as Petroeuropa until he joined Buran in 2018.
IT Director Buran Energy

Siro Talarewitz

Responsible for the definition and implementation of the company’s technological strategy, as well as the supervision of project performance, organisation of consulting and evaluation of the group’s new industrial assets.