New pumping facility for export in TANCAR

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Sistema de bombeo TANCAR

On May 28, the commissioning of the new pumping station at the facilities of TANCAR was completed. TANCAR along with ODT are companies belonging of the Buran Energy Group, with storage terminals placed at the Port of Escombreras (Cartagena) and Port of Málaga, respectively.

The new pumping station is completely new built and it means the adaptation of the existing terminal to allow export flows to ships of 1,250 m3/h, compared to the previous 450 m3/h. With this new facility, the transfer capacity between tanks is improved, notably reducing operation times, optimizing intraterminal operations and also improving the reliability of the terminal operations with third outside parties, by including two pumps of proven quality (Flowserve) and reduced maintenance.

Bombeo para exportación

The project has been executed with zero incidents in a period of 13 weeks, including civil works, mechanical part, electrical part and instrumentation and control.

The installation of the pumping station for export is part of the development of TANCAR’s growth project that includes, on the one hand, the multi-product tank installation for storage of UCOs, diesel and gasoline and, on the other, pigable external lines, with connections to truck loading, neighbor terminals and with marine loading.